FOX Splicer Operations Manual V3 Addendum

This addendum covers additional features in the "V3" release of the FOX Splicer.  To enable these features, please contact FOX to request upgrades to your system. The features include Station Logo Loading, Emergency Text Crawl Alerts, Audio Breakaway, and Enhanced Video Monitoring. The link to the .pdf document is available HERE

 Alert Graphics Are Here!

FOX continues testing the FOX Splicer Alerting API with the support of EAS ENDEC and Weather Alerting manufacturers. The manufacturers are able to initiate a test alert with an API over the Internet onto a live Cisco DCM in the FOX LAB and they can view the results using a Slingbox for monitoring of the output video.

Digital Alert Systems has successfully tested their DASDEC with the FOX Splicer System in the FOX Lab, including text crawls and EAS audio breakaway. Trilithic has successfully initiated a test text crawl on the FOX Splicer System during remote testing. Sage Alerting Systems also tested on the DCM, and has announced that an upgrade is now available for the Sage Digital ENDEC Model 3644 to use the FOX Splicer network API for alert crawls           

FOX is working with these same manufacturers to bring their hardware systems and personnel into the FOX Lab for testing with a full FOX Splicing System as soon as possible.
Watch the FOX Text Crawl Demo Video below with banner and both static and animated png logos. Left click to watch (fast connections) or right-click and save link as. Having trouble viewing? Download the VLC Media Player at .

FOX Alert Demo Video
Technical Bulletin #21 was released on October 26th, and deals with the use of the USB ports in the station's ROSA PC. Due to security concerns, use of these ports is not authorized. Click HERE to download the .pdf and click on the Technical Bulletin tab above for all current bulletins.