FOX continues testing the FOX Splicer Alerting API with the support of EAS ENDEC and Weather Alerting manufacturers. Digital Alert Systems has successfully tested their DASDEC with the FOX Splicer System including text crawls and EAS audio breakaway. Trilithic has successfully initiated a test text crawl on the FOX Splicer System during remote testing. Sage Alerting Systems has announced that an upgrade is now available for the Sage Digital ENDEC Model 3644 to use with the FOX Splicer network API for alert crawls.
Important Motorola Receiver Information

The hyperlink below is pictorial of the front and back planes of the new DSR-6000 Receiver Rack Insert (RRI) and Splicer Rack Insert (SRI). Please note that there are no SDI or AES audio outputs on the DSR-6000 receivers.
Port 5
The RF Inputs used are Ports 5, 6, 7, and 8  DO NOT USE PORTS 1,2,3, or 4. These ports are reserved for Cable Affiliates.

Port 6
Port 8
Port 7
G 3 / 18
G 3 / 19
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This addendum covers additional features in the upcoming "V3" release of code. To enable these features, please contact FOX Splicer Support to arrange for an upgrade.

Included is information on Local Logo Loading, Emergency Text Crawl Alerts, Audio Breakaway, and Enhanced Video Monitoring. The addendum is located HERE or at the Splicer Manual link above.
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